Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank you from AFF

The Alternative Food Fair was a success! Thanks to all who stopped by last Monday to try some chocolate covered crickets, superworm chex mix, chocolate chirp cookie samples, and picking up a zine and button. It was my first time making a zine and putting it out into the public. It was fun tabling outside in front of CCA with Matthew, Rax, Ann, and Emily. The crowd was hungry and full of excitement and curiosity. I had fun talking to all of you. If you stopped by, I would appreciate it if you please leave a comment about your thoughts. Thanks!

Curious visitors picking up a zine and button
Superworm chex mix
The chocolate covered crickets tasted like malted milk balls, a crowd favorite
Niki stopped by to say hello and to chow down on some baked superworm chex mix.

*Thanks to Rax for the photos

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Starship Troopers - WAR

Thanks to Lawrence for sending this to me. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Minilivestock Potluck Feast

The dinner had a great turn out. Thanks to all who brought something tasty, helped cook, and showed up! I appreciate everyone's support, great conversation, and hungry stomachs. It was fun!

People made some tasty dishes...Matthew brought some ginger and garlic tofu and Ann brought in seaweed tapenade. My friends, Jeremy and Nori, surprised me with some live snails, which my roommate Cherilyn prepared with some garlic. My roomate Vy made spring rolls with tofu and shrimp (a relative to insects). Sister Emily and friend Kien made some mini "chocolate chirp cookies" (made with cricket flour), which was a hit. I had a lot of help from friends in prepping and making this happen, and it was fun cooking and spending time together. Hopefully, next time I'll have become a better chef by then!

I'll be posting more pictures as they come trickling in, but here is a little sneak preview for now. Also, if you have any stories you want to share about the dinner or eating insects in general, we would love to hear about it. Thanks to everyone for making this dinner memorable.

A portion of the food at the feast. In this picture you can see the cricket flour pesto pasta, the superworm chex mix, and some of the okonomiyaki with cricket flake garnish (close up pictures coming soon).Chocolate covered crickets prepared by Jenn and Law. A definite crowd pleaser.Escargot with garlic.Superworm tempura. Watch out for hot oil explosions.A few of the satisfied feasters.

Alternative Food Fair

Come say hello at the SF CCA campus tomorrow. See you there!
Poster created by Matthew.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Stuff Works Podcast

Give your ears a treat by listening to an entertaining and informative podcast about eating insects here or here!

The articles on the site are easy to follow because they break down the article into topic links. Here are a few interesting articles from

Article: How Entomophagy Works
Video: Moth Snacks In Sydney

Article: Are figs really full of baby wasps?
Video: Wasp Cookies in Japan
Video: Exotic Food Festival

I've heard about the wasps in figs before, but never knew how it worked or if it was true. It was also interesting to hear that some vegetarians and vegans don't eat figs because of the possibility of insect content. Great, helpful visuals. Thanks HowStuffWorks!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Big

Thanks to all who have filled out the survey! You guys are awesome! The amount of feedback was overwhelming, and I got to read a lot of interesting stories and insightful comments. Again, THANK YOU!