Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank you from AFF

The Alternative Food Fair was a success! Thanks to all who stopped by last Monday to try some chocolate covered crickets, superworm chex mix, chocolate chirp cookie samples, and picking up a zine and button. It was my first time making a zine and putting it out into the public. It was fun tabling outside in front of CCA with Matthew, Rax, Ann, and Emily. The crowd was hungry and full of excitement and curiosity. I had fun talking to all of you. If you stopped by, I would appreciate it if you please leave a comment about your thoughts. Thanks!

Curious visitors picking up a zine and button
Superworm chex mix
The chocolate covered crickets tasted like malted milk balls, a crowd favorite
Niki stopped by to say hello and to chow down on some baked superworm chex mix.

*Thanks to Rax for the photos

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