Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Stuff Works Podcast

Give your ears a treat by listening to an entertaining and informative podcast about eating insects here or here!

The articles on the site are easy to follow because they break down the article into topic links. Here are a few interesting articles from

Article: How Entomophagy Works
Video: Moth Snacks In Sydney

Article: Are figs really full of baby wasps?
Video: Wasp Cookies in Japan
Video: Exotic Food Festival

I've heard about the wasps in figs before, but never knew how it worked or if it was true. It was also interesting to hear that some vegetarians and vegans don't eat figs because of the possibility of insect content. Great, helpful visuals. Thanks HowStuffWorks!



Law said...

they have How Stuff Works on Discovery Channel now.

Rosanna said...

cool, when did it start? did you see any programs on Entomophagy?

coffee crusader said...

This is a cool online store for edible insects, etc.
Check out the mopane worms...weight for weight, they have 3x the protein content of beef! :-)

Law said...

i think they just showed their first episode. it was about corn.