Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fondu Party

Its pretty cool how the minilivestock that was prepared for the Minilivestock Potluck Feast traveled to multiple places later that night. My classmate Amy took some baked crickets and superworms to a fondu party, and my friend Eloise also brought some to a show at the Hemlock that she shared with curious friends and strangers. Some found it strange at first, but tried them and realized they were pretty good. I don't have any pictures from the show, but thanks to Amy for sharing some of her photos!

Stephen at the Minilivestock dinner, pre-fondu party
Fondu party!


Michael said...

Howdy! I found you through Bug Girl's Blog - congrats on your successful event!

I've raised silkworms since 2001, and I tasted one, but didn't find it delicious - I'm still hoping for some tasty recipe. Was your fondue done with hot oil? Do you marinate or season the critters?

Rosanna said...

Thanks! I actually wasn't at the fondu party, my friend went...I believe they used cheese and chocolate. So far I've only lightly salted the crickets and superworms so that their natural flavors could come through. I haven't eaten a silkworm. What does it taste like?