Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mopane Worms in S. Africa by Andri

Photo courtesy of happy.apple

"I was in Africa for about a month, on a trip to visit friends there with my Dad. We traveled through several countries in the sub-Saharan, and had a cool opportunity to try mopane worms one evening. The worms were toasted or dried like jerky...something to that effect...and they tasted fine – very similar to beef jerky. I was told that Bushmen travel(ed) with small sachels filled with mopane worms when crossing the Kalahari Dessert and voyaging far from home. It's said that the mopane worms are high in protein and other nutrients essential for health and survival, especially in the desserts where food sources are scarce. I'd eat the worms again if they were convenient to get."

Thanks to Andri from Coffee Cup Crusade for sharing her story about this S. African delicacy!

She also sent us a few links:

Stinkbugs and mopane worms for Aids patients

This nutritious source of food can be healthy and beneficial to people, "But the worm, which has a dry, gritty texture and slightly meaty taste, has fallen out of favour with blacks because they are ashamed of their traditional culture in the face of Western disapproval of eating insects..."

A London-based specialty food company who serve up snacks from all over the world. Some delicacies include: dried mopani worm, toffee scorpion candy, giant hornet's honey, scorpion vodka, and giant toasted leafcutter ants. These can all be found under their aptly named section Insectivore. They also carry insect products such as Scorpion Extract Wash.

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