Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

After doing some extensive research and calling a ridiculous amount of pet shops in SF (btw there is an excessive amount of dog boutique and grooming services in the city), I finally decided to purchase my superworms (refer to previous "Mealworm CRISIS" entry). I read it's recommended that beginners should start with raising mealworms before taking on the escape artist cricket.

I decided to try 6th Avenue Aquarium first. I first bought 100 superworms for $5, but didn't realize how little 100 worms would look like, so I bought another 100. The cashier figured I was probably the crazy person who kept calling the store about mealworms, and he asked what they were for. At first I said it was for class, but then when I said it was for cooking, his eyes got all buggy (pun unintended). "Are you going to make them Thai-style?" he asked. I also picked up a few plastic storage bins, a strainer complete with lid, an apple, and a potato.I took the bus back home and got a few stares (not because of the worms, but by my huge plastic bag loot of tupperware). I awkwardly carried it on one arm, while carefully trying not to squash my secret tote bag of worms in the other.

I finally got home safely and started setting up my new mini-farm right away. First, I washed and dried the bin. Then I filled it with oatmeal I had in the kitchen, and slices of potato and carrots for their water source (you can use apples too, I just ended up saving the apple for later). I also added an egg carton for additional shelter from the sunlight. Tada! Home sweet home.

I later found that I accidentally threw out an adult mealworm beetle. I had mistaken it for an intruder and tossed it. It did cross my mind that it could of been a mealworm beetle, but I think I was expecting it to be larger than it actually was. Note: don't throw away the baby-makers!
It's interesting how some people who are squirmish when it comes to bugs, or eating bugs, still express a level of interest and curiosity.

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