Saturday, September 20, 2008

Personal Sustainability Project Objective

As part of my Contemporary Issues Class at CCA, I am taking on a Personal Sustainability Project. My PSP will focus on living a more sustainable diet through raising my own “minilivestock” by rearing, harvesting, and incorporating insects in my own daily diet. In addition to my PSP, I will use design to help further the voice of an existing organization or create my own.

Entomophagy, or “insect eating”, has been widely practiced throughout the world over thousands of years, but is uncommon in Western countries today. I am aware of the environmental and social impact of my carnivorous diet, and sometimes attempt to reduce my intake of traditional farm-raised livestock such as cattle, pigs, chicken, and sea food. Introducing insects to my diet will not only offer me an additional meat option, but will hopefully help reduce my own carbon footprint.

Entomophagy may also be an answer to the many issues we face today, such as health, world hunger, poverty, environmental, global warming, crop and pest control, rising cost of food and resources, etc. It can be beneficial for the entire planet. Entomophagy definitely has a place in today’s "going green" campaign, but how much does "going green" mean to people, and would they go as "far" as to eating insects? How would people feel if they found out that they unknowingly eat approximately 1lb of bugs a year? How soon will it become part of the natural human (Western) diet?

I've been curious about insects as part of the human diet for the past year, but have yet to actively explore it. This project will be the launch pad to for me to put my thoughts into action. Here, you will find updates on my minilivestock farm, cooking with insects, information, and conversation. Through this process, I hope to create a better understanding and awareness of Entomophagy, and hopefully inspire others as well as myself.

Please forward this page to anyone you like. I would like to start up a community and some dialogue.



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