Sunday, September 28, 2008

How’s it Growing?

So far, the raising process has been slow. I’ve been switching out the vegetables about every 2 days, and recently added apples to see if they would enjoy that more. I decided to take out the egg cartons so that they won’t chew on them, and just added more oats so they can burrow and hide underneath that instead. They say you should have at least 1” thickness of substrate for their habitat.I also separated 3 worms into their own separate containers to encourage their pupating process (which should take about 2 weeks). I noticed that these quarantined worms seem to be a little slow and sluggish. Does that mean that they’re starting their pupating process?

Overall, all the worms have been growing larger and look healthier than when I got them at the pet store. Their transforming and reproducing may take some time, so in the mean time and for the sake of my budget, I need to ration what I have for now (I only used 24 meal worms in the oatmeal breakfast bars). Hopefully, I will have a good supply of mealworms soon.

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