Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Got Worms

I finally got mealworms! I got these from the Animal Connection in the Sunset. They were 100 for $3 and come in a container of bran, which I later dumped all 6 containers in a larger plastic container. They're smaller and softer than the superworms I have already. Mealworms aren't as high maintenance as the superworms when it comes to rearing cause they don't need to be separated to pupate (like the picture below).I upgraded from large random containers to a more compact superworm cubical, which makes it easier to handle.


diana said...

Did you have to get a big thing with 100 different compartments for your super mealworms?

Rosanna said...

I wish it were would be helpful in pupating them at a larger scale that way. So far, the ones who aren't isolated are just kind of hanging around right now until I either isolate them or eat them. I did just buy 2 more containers with dividers yesterday though. Pupating party!