Sunday, October 19, 2008

Larvae, and Pupae, and Beetles...Oh, My

Last week, I bought 2 more containers with dividers for the superworms, so hopefully the 3 total I have now will help get more superworms to pupate. To review, superworms need to be isolated from each other so they are not stressed about the possibility of being eaten by their siblings when they are in their vulnerable state.

Earlier this week, I was excited to see that 2 of the mealworm pupae were metamorphosing into the next stage of beetle adulthood. It's amazing how quickly these mealworms transform. It's the beginning of a new week and I now have 12 beetles and counting!

But the best news was that just as I thought my superworm rearing was at a loss, I discovered yesterday that 1 of the 12 superworms in the inital isolation box turned into a pupa! I did have to wait 20 days, but finally seeing one that has moved onto the next stage is extremely exciting.

I haven't tried using a heat lamp yet, but my guess is that the slightly warmer weather we've been having this past week probably helped a little? The ideal temperature to raise them is around 75F, but I think we've been averaging around 70F in our house.

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